Thursday, October 29, 2009


This month passed by without a major storm. Thanks for that but no thanks no matter how perfect it is like Ondoy was last September (despite driving our lives back to zero).

October is almost over. Two bermonths are done. In my native country, the Philippines, we call the last four months of the year bermonths and September being the prelude to the Christmas season making every kid aged from one to ninety-two to get early excited. Until Ondoy (alias Ketsana, or rather vice-versa) spoiled it. But that's behind us now. No matter what, nothing and no Grinch can stop Christmas from coming.

October is special to me for some personal reasons. It is the month my mother and my only living parent celebrates her birthday. At her age another year of longevity is a gift from God in which there are no words that can describe one's feeling of blessedness. It is also the month that my wife and I exchanged vows 18 years ago. Again no words to describe my feeling of blessedness from that moment thereafter: kids, family, togetherness in good times or bad times, in sickness and in health, in sunshine and in Ondoys, in prosperity and hardship, in life or something like it.

And right now just before this month ends I decided to add another reason to make it special although in some smaller dive. Blogging. First time. And it feels fun. Perhaps for some time. Like taking a bath in the rain or storm like Ondoy with the whole Marikina as a swimming pool of geographical proportions. Or perhaps not.

Wish me luck as I will on everybody each time I blog.

Hello everyone!


  1. Blogging is really an outlet that would help us fight homesickness while expats like us are abroad away from our loved ones. I am planning to create a group blog for overseas workers. I hope I'll see you there. Good luck!